Figure Drawings

Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Hagrid was knitting something that looked like it could be a yellow circus tent"

I just really wanted to sketch something after work today.  there are alot of things that I need to fix in this - (like how to hold knitting needles ;), but I have been looking at lots of Rembrandt lately and had fun trying one of his palates.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


My beloved border collie and best friend.  Any who knows Narnia personally, can attest to the accuracy of these - especially her teeth.

A Madsen Tradition

Due to my Danish Ancestry, we have many christmas traditions revolving around Scandinavian delicacies - one of our favorites: Pebber NØdders, also known as Pepper or Pebber Nuts.  a semi sweet cookie containing cardamom, nutmeg and ginger. we get the whole family together to roll the sweet dough into "snakes" which are then cut into fingernail size chunks and baked hard.  eaten like popcorn, but with the risk of cracking a tooth.