Figure Drawings

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Home on the Range

This illustration was for our environment illustration 4 class. The assignment was to do something with "Home on the range" had an emphasis on showing atmospheric perspective in a landscape. I don't like my colors in this one, but the Giant does look comfortable. Still needs some work on edges and the like.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Band Boy

This was done for Illustration 4, or my environment painting class. The assignment was a portrait with a landscape in the background. My brother Jarom was the model.

head painting

2 hour head painting. Limited 4 color pallet.


Figure drawing done yesterday. Reminds me of Den Lille Havefrue (famous Danish statue of the little mermaid) . 2.5 hr pose


Figure drawing done in Bro. Barrett's class last week.
Nu Pastel on Smooth Newsprint.


This was done as a b-day present for my youngest sister Asia. Happy B-day Asia!

I did this right after watching a painting demo by Illustrator Rudy Gutierez. He demonstrated an interesting method. First he tones his paper with oil paint and terp, rubbing it in with a paper towel. the paper absorbes the oil. Acrylic can then be painted over the thin oil. He then supplements his acrylic with colored pencil. So this was me experimenting with Rudy's technique.