Figure Drawings

Friday, October 3, 2008

This was another digital piece for suzie's class. I can't remember the date, winter 2006 I think. This is was done in Illustrator and is a vector image. The assignment was to illustrate the fortune in a fortune cookie given to us. My fortune said "children will play an important part in your life." My siblings posed for the children. From left to right is Levi, Mariah and Jarom (with curly hair). We should never lose that child's mentality of seeing great things in the ordinary. As James Christensen said in The Journey of teh Imagination "Imagination is necessary, the brightest and best of our thinkers, creators and inventors began as dreamers and visionaries...when we allow ourselves access to the treasures and materials in the imagination, we can meet any problem (pg 16)."

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