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Friday, October 3, 2008

Grimm's: The Three Little Men

Hey everyone, so.... here's my first go at a blog. have fun!
This was an assignment a few years ago for Suzie's Intermediate Computer Applications class. The story is from the Brother's grim and is called "The Three Little Men." This was painted in Photoshop.

The Three Little Men a story by the brothers Grimm (summarized by me)
The gist of the story is a wicked woman marries
a kind widowed father who has a beautiful daughter. The Stepmother's own
daughter, is not kind or beautiful. When the father dies, the step mother
becomes very cruel to the beautiful daughter and decides to do away with
her. Hoping that she will perish in the cold, the evil step mother sends
her out into the dark woods on the coldest winter night wearing only a
paper dress. She is told that she cannot come home untill she gathers a basket
full of strawberries for her step mother. While out in the woods, the
young daughter stumbles across a small house where 3 strange little men
lived. They invite her in to get out of the cold, and though she has very
little, the daughter shares her meager lunch with them in gratitude and offers
to do something for them. The little men tell her to go sweep their back
porch for them. While she sweeps, the little men say to eachother: "here
is a very kind, beautiful girl, it's a shame she has such an awful step mother.
here, lets do something for her," and so each man gives the girl a gift.
The first little man made it so that she will grow more beautiful every day. The
second man said that one day a prince would take her away from her evil step
mother and the third man made it so that every time she opened her mouth, jewels
and gold coins would pour out. Meanwhile, the beautiful girl wen't out to
sweep the men's porch and found beautiful red strawberries growing in the
snow. With much thanks, the beautiful daughter went home.

The step mother was furious to find the girl
still alive, but couldn't be too upset because gold coins kept comming out of
her mouth. She thought this so wonderful in fact, that she wanted her own
daughter to go find the men and recieve the same gift. So the step mother
presented her daughter with a beautiful long fur cape and a big lunch hamper and
sent her out to the woods. When the cruel girl found the cabin, she
detested it's homely appearance but knocked on aand demanded to be let in out of
the cold. When the little men complied, she barged in and began eating her
lunch at their table. When they asked if they might share her lunch, she
merly laughed in their faces and kept eating. The little men asked if she
would sweep their porch for them, but the girl detested work of any kind,
finally, tiring of the men since they didn't seem inclined to make gold fall out
of her mouth, she left the cabin in a huff. While she left, the 3 men
huddled together. "What a horrible person!" they said, so rather than giving her
gifts, each man placed a curse on the girls retreating back. The first made it
so that she would grow uglier every day. The second said that one day, she and
her awful mother would die a horrible death and the third man made it so that
every time she opened her mouth, frogs would fall out of her mouth.

When the bitter girl came home with toads
instead of gold coming out of her mouth, both she and the step mother hated the
beautiful daughter even more, and they decided once again to end her life.
To do this, they sent her out with a dull axe and s fresh skein of dyed
wool. They said she must chop a hole in the frozen river and wash all of
the dye out of the wool. While the daughter did this, however, A beautiful
gold carriage came by pulled by seven white horses. Inside was the oldest and
most handsome son of teh king. When the prince saw the beautiful daughter
freezing by the river he stopped and offered to take her far away from her evil
step mother if she promised to become his queen. and so they rode off together
and lived happily ever after.... eventually... there is more of the story, but I
am tired of writing so you can look it up yourself and read how the stepmother
and daughter die a horrible death.

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