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Sunday, October 5, 2008

King Richard

Good old King Richard. This was an illustration done for Bethanne Anderson's narrative story telling class (fall 2007). If you are not familiar with the story, King Richard commits terrible crimes, kills many innocent people and basically sells his soul and humanity to become king. In the usual ironic shakespearian twist, The story ends with King Richard dehorsed in battle. He cries out his famous lines "A horse, A horse! my kingdome for a horse!" but is abandoned and is killed like a boar in the hunt. I experimented with symbols in this piece. Hope for richard flees with the white horse. While his humanity and sould takes flight on the wings of crows. Richard even has a boar on his breastplate, symbolizing the state of his death.

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Will Strong (that's who) said...

Boston, this piece is powerful. Nice sense of color and lighting.