Figure Drawings

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Greatest Invention Ever!!

Duck Tape!

This was again for the Studio Illustration class. The theme was the Greatest invention ever. I like the idea of robots being fascinated or even obsessing about the duck tape, but I think I can work the story a little more. Right now it is a pretty static composition.

gold green man

This is a small "jellybean" book made out of scraps left over from book binding. It is a double fold book with coptic stitching. I have donated it to BYU's annual Vending Machine sale and proceeds will go to the Food Coalition. Come and Support the show!

"By The Sweat of Thy Brow Shalt Thou Eat Bread"

This was for an assignment in Studio Illustration. The topic was "Work" and the above scripture (Gen 3:19). I did a digital under painting (painting circles is absolutely no fun at all) with acrylic on top. This was fun to paint. I have made a few adjustments since these pictures were taken, I will post them soon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You are what you eat

Note to self: don't eat aliens. The point of this piece was actually the landscape in the background, but needless to say, I had the most fun drawing the croc. I Still need to fix a few things here, I was a little heavy on the reflecting orange light.
Illustration 4 fall 2008.


Hey, look what I found. This was my first Illustration Friday piece - Legends. Probably something I should start doing again.

Monday, October 13, 2008

buisness card

Sorry, I can't seem to get a larger resolution image to fit.

Buisness Knight sketches

More pen drawings. These are all for Margret's Illustration Buisness class. The painting is for my buisness card which folds in half to make a regular card size.

The image of the boy riding his horse is for the envelope (he is holding a kite string with the stamp on the envelope being the kite) and the image of the 2 running figures is on the bottom of the letterhead. I almost like the pen drawings more than the painting. There seems to be more life in them... Hmmm... going to have to figure that one out.

Here are some pen sketches for a project.

I never thought of sketches themselves as showable art, but hey, if Jim Christensen can do it...
I have also been trying to get more movement and action into my drawings.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Great I Am

The Great I Am. This was the theme and image for last years christmas card (BYU Visual Arts dept.). Students in Bethanne's illustration class were each asked to illustrate an aspect of christ as the great I Am. All the pieces were beautiful and spiritualy insightful into the true chrismas theme.
This is Oil with Acrylic underpainting. Many thanks to my cousin and brother for modeling for me.

King Richard

Good old King Richard. This was an illustration done for Bethanne Anderson's narrative story telling class (fall 2007). If you are not familiar with the story, King Richard commits terrible crimes, kills many innocent people and basically sells his soul and humanity to become king. In the usual ironic shakespearian twist, The story ends with King Richard dehorsed in battle. He cries out his famous lines "A horse, A horse! my kingdome for a horse!" but is abandoned and is killed like a boar in the hunt. I experimented with symbols in this piece. Hope for richard flees with the white horse. While his humanity and sould takes flight on the wings of crows. Richard even has a boar on his breastplate, symbolizing the state of his death.

Still Lifes

Sorry, I havn't scanned any of my new stuff yet.

But here are some still lifes I did in Bro. Barretts illustration 2 class. I don't like doing still Lifes and havn't done any since, but they are good for figuring out value.

I managed to sneak a flying pear into this one. I once got into trouble in my high school art class for trying to liven up boring still lifes with flying objects, but apparently I havn't learned my lesson.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Jellybean Books

Jelly bean books are tiny books made out of the paper scraps left over from your regular bookbinding projects. Save paper edges and scraps of decorative paper. These are part of a set I gave to my twin sisters for their birthday. The green one is a flatcase binding with pastepaper cover. the middle coptic is actually a double sided book. There are endless fun possibilities with a coptic bind. note the book made out of an old watch face.

Wooden Coptic journals

Alder wood journals. The first was for my sister and is stained to resemble Mahogany. Alder wood however has a luminesent quality to it under natural lighting and is a very beautiful light wood to work with.
The 2nd book was for my dad. it has a lighter golden stain with purposful dripping patterns.
Note: Knothole window. The viking is a sort of fun, family symbol. Our ancestry is danish and we have a collection of carved wood vikings. the first page painting is one of these. Foredge also has gouche painting

Armor coptic book

This is my most recent coptic book. It will be a journal for my brother. I have a Mayan/BOM theme. The embossed metal carries glyphs that are scripture references to verses about wearing the armour of God. note the burned wood Questocoatle (sp?) key. the lock carving represents the liahona.
Once again I am using my faux leather technique. other materials: nickel lock, leather, wood, waxed linnen thread. The flap will carry a pen holder. Front, back and inside pastedown pictures. Pastedown is Ingres paper with walnut ink bleeding.

1st coptic book

This was my first book in Judy's book binding class. It is a open coptic binding which I have found is excellent for sketch books. Text block is Mohawk offwhite. The in set is a Polymer "green man" with inset yellow agates (that i found on the calif. coast )for eyes. Cover is a silkscreened japanese paper. I am very rough with my sketch books any carry them everywhere and this book got a little beaten up. I added the metal corner protectors later. The paste papers are original hand painted green men designes done in gold gouche.

1st papercase book

This was my first papercase book, done in Judy Sommerfeld's Book binding class. (Fall 2007)
Text block - Each signature is individually stained with walnut ink to give it an aged weathered appearance. Mohawk white.
Cover - Brown Cave paper with walnut ink drawings on front and back. castles reminiscent of Howard Pyle wookcuts.
Faux bone clasps (I found that carved PVC pipe looks and feels alot like bone) and hand sewn and dyed endbands.

Favorite sketch book

This is my favorite sketch book. It has taken quite a bit of abuse but doesn't really show the wear. The cover is Plather or vinyl off of an old card table that I painted with acrylic to look like leather. coptic Binding - the perfect binding for a sketch book because there is no gutter to impede sketching. The flap houses a spot to store a pencile and pen for easy and quick access. Text block - Mohawk white. Copper fastener and eyelets. made summer 2008.

You are what you eat

You are what you eat!!
This is one I am still working on. This is the first draft you might say. Acrylic on masonite.

Plein Air

My first Plein Air paintings. West Springville area. Top - 3-4 sittings, bottom - 1 sitting, color study. Illustration 4 Bro. Hull. October 1st 2008. Oil on Masonite(top) and canvas (bottom)

Head Painting

3 hour head painting done in Don's Head painting class on Wednesday. Limited color pallett: Alarizian Crimson, Ivory Black, Titanium White, Yellow Ochre.


"Jack be nimble Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candle stick!"
A variation on a nursery rhym. Illustration 1 fall 2006, Bro. Hull. Gouche on illustration board.

Happy Thoughts

Editorial piece for an article about thinking three happy thoughts before going to bed each night. Doing so will increase self esteem and moral. Coerced Mom into posing for me. Thanks Mom! Illustration 1 Bro. Hull. Fall 2006. Gouche on Illustration board

figure painting

I wish I could Fly! Gouche on Illustration board. Illustration 1 Fall 2006


A color study with Mariah. Illustration 1 Fall 2006. Bro. Hull's class. Gouche on Illustration board.


Still life painting from Illustration 1, Fall 2006. Bro Hull. Gouche on illustration board.

A head drawing done tuesday in Bro. Barrets Figure drawing class. Nu Pastel on Smooth Newsprint.